Vedic Meditation - Intro Talk (free)

Learn about Vedic Meditation a simple, effortless, ancient technique that releases stress in an highly stimulated world.

  • Free & open to the public.

  • Rsvp for the Brentwood - Westside Los Angeles location


Unable to attend:

Contact me if you can't make it to any times/days listed for this event & we'll work it out.


There is no obligation to sign up. After attending a talk, you may sign up for the:

  • 4 day (4 consecutive days) course

  • 90 min each day

  • includes a 20 min meditation each day


Vedic Meditation Course

 4 Day Course - 90 minutes each day including a 20 minute meditation. 


Group Meditation


Free Sunday group meditation in Mar Vista for meditators who have completed the 4 Day Course. Complimentary tea included to sweeten the deal.


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