Would it be crazy to think that it could be easy and enjoyable to meditate?


Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation is a 5,000-year-old technique that originated in India. If you can think then you can learn this practice. Even children as young as 4 years old have learned and practice this technique so I have full faith in my ability to teach you a sustainable practice and your ability to learn as well. What is more, you don’t even have to try to stop thinking. Imagine that. Not what you expected, right? Well, this is a simple, natural, innocent, effortless practice for everyone so let’s get started.

Why learn Vedic Meditation?

Mental Power

• Manage stress (aka silent killer), anxiety, insomnia, etc.
• Increase your baseline of happiness & bliss (release bliss chemicals during this meditation)
• Tap into more of your mind’s potential than the standard 2-10% experts say we use (think Bradley Cooper in Limitless)
• Boost creativity
• Let go of irrelevant beliefs & behaviors that no longer serve you anymore but may even harm you

Health & Anti-Aging

• Improve your immunity & physical health by removing accumulated stress (aka silent killer), fatigue & tension

• Naturally reverse biological aging 5-12 years

•Best-selling author Geneen Roth of Women God & Love implores her readers to learn to meditate and let go of food issues, improve body image, & normalize weight


Personal Benefits

• Get more in touch with your authentic & limitless self
• Feel more whole, connected & fulfilled
• Improve the quality & ultimately transform all aspects of your precious & wonderful life

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Social Benefits

• Be more patient, empathetic & compassionate (don’t worry you won’t become a pushover but you will become more conscious) • Improve your relationships with loved ones, family members, colleagues & just about anyone & everyone you come into contact with
• Positively affect others & inspire them simply by being your glowing & blissful self (they will want to know your secret & may even learn when they are ready)
• Positively contribute your talents & gifts to the world by being the best version of you (less stressed, more blissful & fulfilled)

If you can benefit from just one item listed above, then I look forward to meeting you at my next talk...