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Vedic Meditation Course: Day 3 of 4

  • CC Meditation Mar Vista 90066 USA (map)

Vedic Meditation 4 Day Course

Vedic Meditation is a simple effortless mantra-based technique originating from India. If you can think then you can learn this practice. Even children have learned it and practice this technique so I have full faith in your ability to learn as well. No, you don’t have to stop thinking either. Meditators sit comfortably, relax and practice the technique as taught.

In this 4 Day (90 min each day) Course including a 20 min meditation each day, you will receive a mantra resonant to you and will become a self-sufficient meditator at the end of the 4-day course.

Benefits of regular 2x daily meditation include:

• manage stress
• improve your relationships with colleagues, family members, loved ones, & just about      anyone you come into contact with
• be more patient and empathetic
• improve your physical healthby removing accumulated stress (aka silent killer), fatigue & tension
• work your abs from increased laughter*
• reverse biological aging 5-12 years (fountain of youth?)
• tap into more of your mind’s potential other than the standard 2-10% experts say we use
• sharpen your mind
• improve your creativity
• adjust your baseline to a more blissful state
• get in touch with your authentic and limitless self
• feel whole, connected & fulfilled
• improve the quality and ultimately transform your precious & wonderful life

(*I am solely speaking from personal experience and can't refer to a study. That said, I make no claims that you will develop a six-pack but well anything is possible.)