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Vedic Meditation Talk (Complimentary)

Attend an Intro to Vedic Meditation Talk.

Free & open to the public. Sharing is caring so share away!

Rsvp for the Brentwood location.

If you are unable to attend this time/day, please let me know and we will make it happen.

Vedic Meditation is a 5,000-year-old, simple, natural, innocent, effortless technique that originated in India. If you can think then you can learn this practice. Even children as young as 4years old have learned it and practice this technique so I have full faith in my ability to teach you a sustainable practice and your ability to learn as well. And you don’t have to stop thinking either. Imagine that. Not what you expected, right?

Why in the world would you want to mediate, you ask?

• To Improve your relationships with colleagues, family members, loved ones, & just about anyone & everyone
• Manage stress (aka silent killer), anxiety, insomnia, etc.
• Be more patient, empathetic & compassionate (don’t worry you won’t become a pushover)
• Tap into more of your mind’s potential than the standard 2-10% experts say we use (think Bradley Cooper in Limitless)
• Boost creativity
• Improve your sense of humor (& potentially work your abs from increased laughter*)
• Let go of irrelevant beliefs & behaviors that no longer serve you that may even harm you
• Best-selling author Geneen Roth of Women God & Love implores her readers to learn to meditate and let go of food issues, improve body image, & normalize weight. 
• Improve your immunity & physical health by removing accumulated stress (aka silent killer), fatigue & tension
• Reverse biological aging 5-12 years naturally without needles or other sharp objects. The fountain of youth? Yes.
• Tap into and live up to more of your full potential
• Increase your baseline of happiness & bliss
• Get in touch with your authentic & limitless self
• Feel whole, connected & fulfilled
• Improve the quality & ultimately transform all aspects of your precious & wonderful life
• Affect others positively & inspire them simply by your mere glowing & blissful presence
• Positively contribute to a more respectful, peaceful & lovely world

If you said "yes" to at least one reason listed above, then I'll see you at the talk. 

(*I am solely speaking from personal experience & can't refer to a study. That said, I make no claims that you will develop a six-pack but then again anything is possible.)


The Next Steps:

1. RSVP for location details for the complimentary Vedic Meditation Talk. Let’s have some fun in the process otherwise, you can get a full refund on our complimentary talk.

2. Take the 4-day course I offer. Be easy... it's only 90 min each day including a simple & effortless 20 min meditation. You'll graduate with a self-sufficient technique that will help you transform your life.

After Completing the 4 Day Course:

3. You'll be invited to attend all of the FREE Sunday group meditations hosted by yours truly along with my colleagues in Mar Vista. Did I mention that it includes complimentary tea? Also, if Sunday doesn't work, you may attend other group meditations hosted by my colleagues in LA or anywhere else in the world for the rest of your long, healthy & happy life. 

4. You're welcome to retake the 4 Day Course taught by me or by 99.99% of my colleagues in the world for FREE as many times as you like for the rest of your long, healthy & happy life.